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Art Nouveau Claude Bonnefond Gilt Bronze Candelabra, Antique Sessionist Style Brassy Metal 3 Candle Candelabra 15 1 2 Tall c.1900 , rare PR Antique GILT BRONZE BAROQUE ORMOLU CANDELABRA candlestick French 1800s, WONDERFUL PAIR OF FRENCH BRONZE DORE CANDELABRA & RED MARBLE CONVERTED TO LAMPS, ITALY SIGNED BRONZE AND PORCELAIN CANDELABRA FIVE ARM PORCELAIN COBALT, 4 Vntg Tall Bronzed Wrought Iron Bird In PineCone Trees Candelabra CandleHolders, RARE PAIR ANTIQUE FRENCH C18th GILT BRONZE 4 BR ALTAR CANDLESTICKS CANDELABRA, Set 2 Floral Candelabras shabby chic, Solid Brass Antique Church Altar Candelabra, Rubel Six Thin Pillar Candle Holder Footed Candelabra Metal and Wood , ANTIQUE VINTAGE CANDLE HOLDERS CANDELABRA PAIR SILVER COPPER, TALL COTTAGE CHIC ANTIQUE GARDEN CANDELABRA , CANDLE HOLDER Candelabra modern look, brushed chrome 3 candles , ANTIQUE CANDELABRA FOR 3 CANDLESTICKS Maker Marked Brass, Antique Art Nouveau Brass Candelabra Part: Arm w Flower Cup & Petal Drip Dish, ANTIQUE FRENCH EMPIRE BRASS BRONZE CRYSTAL CANDLE HOLDER CANDELABRA PAIR, huge antique solid heavy brass ornate Victorian candelabra candle stick holder, C 1910 SAMUEL YELLIN ATTRIBUTED WROUGHT IRON LAMP CANDELABRA FLOOR DRAGONS , PAIR OF ANTIQUE FRENCH DORE' BRONZE CANDELABRAS, Antique Judaica Brass Sabbath 3 Light Candelabra. Late 1800's., Antique Sweden Swedish Folk Art Black Metal Iron Candelabra 5 Candle Holder, Vtg Wrought Iron GOTHIC CANDELABRA CANDLE HOLDER 24 Mission Gothic 5 Candle, Antique French Gothic Candelabra Ornate Heavy Bronze Gilt, RARE IMPORTANT PR FRENCH LOUIS XVI COBALT BLUE PORCELAIN GILT BRONZE CANDELABRAS, Pair Antique Art Deco Brass & Amber Bakelite Candelabra Candle Holder c1930, Antique pair of religious bronze candelabras 09388b, 19C Large Antique French Empire pair gilt bronze Candelabra Signed Thomire Style, BEAUTIFUL BRONZE MARBLE ANTIQUE CANDELABRA EARLY 20TH CENTURY FRANCE, Antique Brass Menorah 7 cup Candle Stick Candelabra Patina Huge very Heavy RARE, Authentic Bronze Elephant decorative Candelabra Candlestick Candle Holder Statue, Old bronze sphinx candelabra as 5938, Superb Pair Of Gothic Candelabra Candle Holders Silver Metal Lovely LQQK, Unique Antique Pair French Vintage Bronze Five candles Candelabras, Antique Pair Of French Empire Bronze Large Candelabras With Dore Bronze, Genuine Hand Carved Brass Middle eastern candelabras , VINTAGE CRYSTAL CANDELABRA BRASS CANDLESTICK HOLDER WITH MARBLE BASE WITH GLOBE, Pair of Renaissance Revival Style Bronze Candelabra, C19th Ormolu 2 Branch Candelabra Triform Lion's Paw Feet Rise & Fall Feature, Very Unique Candelabra Excellent Condition A Brass Treasure , 19th . late empire French Large Gilt Bronze Candelabra , Vintage Palladio Italy Hollywood Regency Candelabra Gold Metal Wall Sculpture , Pair Antique Large Gilted Bronze Gothic Girandoles Candelabras Corneluis Baker, Vintage candelabra Pair Candle Set marble brass Cut Glass Crystal? Made In Italy, Antique candelabra, two antique candelabra, of zinc alloys, from the '70s, vtg holder Sculpture Candelabra Viking Royal Barge Candle stick Dragon Brass 22 , Pair of Fabulous Art Nouveau 3 Light Candelabras by WMF Plewkiewicz Circa.1900, ANTIQUE FRENCH EMPIRE BRASS BRONZE CRYSTAL CANDLE HOLDER CANDELABRA PAIR, Vintage 3 piece Girandole Brass and Marble Prism Candelabra Mantle Set Large , Brass Girandole Candelabra Candlestick Candle Holder Glass Prisms Antique Pair, VINTAGE REGAL CAST BRASS ORMOLU 7 LIGHT CANDELABRA W GILT WOOD BASE, Pair of Renaissance Revival Style Bronze Candelabra, Hector Aguilar candelabra. c.1940 Copper with brass trim Taxco Mexico, SUPERB LARGE BRONZE DORE ROCOCO LOUIS XV STYLE FOUR ARM CANDELABRA OVER 20 , Vintage Antique Brass Goth Art Deco Greek Ram Candle Holder Candelabra, Fine Old Lot 4 Copper & Brass articles 2 Tray's Candelabra & Jug ca 20th century, Antique Pair of Bronze Candelabras Candlesticks 20 Tall, Antique Victorian Gothic Nouveau Candelabras, Antique Girandole Candelabra Ruby Red Glass Prisms Metal Figural Motif 3 Pc Set, Antique Heavy Bronze 22 Sconce Candelabra Goddess Athena Winged Beast Gryphon, vintage BRASS CANDLESTICK candelabra foo dogs lions LARGE HAND MADE, Antique 19th C. After CLODION French Bronze & Marble Candelabra Girl Cherub, Antique French Gilt Bronze PAIR CANDELABRAS Large Louis XV Ormolu Ornate Rococo, 19th Century Morel 5 Light French Bronze Candelabras, Stunning brass bronze French Louis XIV Ormolu Candelabra Girondoles candlestick, Candelabra Wall Art, Large Heavy Ornate Antique Candelabra or Candle Stick King George Silver Plate, French Large Revival Gilt Bronze Pair 5 Arms Candelabra 6 Lights 1880, Decorative Caribean Theme Coral Tropical Fish Ironwork Sconce 2 Candelabra Bulbs, Pair of Vintage French Neo Gothic Brass Bronze Candelabra Candlesticks

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