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Antique Brass, Bronze & Marble Mantel Clock with Pair of Matching Candelabras, French Large Revival Gilt Bronze Pair 5 Arms Candelabra 6 Lights 1880, Vintage 23 Victorian 6 Candle Iron Candelabra Gothic Ornate Halloween, Antique French Gilt Dore Bronze Candlesticks Candelabra, VINTAGE BRASS FIVE PRONG CANDELABRA 15 X 7 INCHES, 19thC Antique FRENCH ART NOUVEAU Figural DOLPHIN & ACANTHUS Floral CANDELABRA, ANTIQUE FRENCH EMPIRE BRASS BRONZE CRYSTAL CANDLE HOLDER CANDELABRA PAIR, French Antique Bronze Three Arm Sconces Louis XV Bronze Candelabra, Vintage Mediterranean style 36 three arm pillar candle iron candelabra, 14 lbs , Adjustable Antique Church Candelabra, Antique Cast Brass Three Light Candelabra, Pair of fine 19C Antique Hand chased Bronze Rococo Candle Holders Candelabra, ANTIQUE CANDELABRA FOR 3 CANDLESTICKS Maker Marked Brass, antique brass candelabra, Pair of Vintage French Neo Gothic Brass Bronze Candelabra Candlesticks, Pair Antique Art Deco Brass & Amber Bakelite Candelabra Candle Holder c1930, PAIR FRENCH BRONZE ORMOLU 5 LIGHT CANDELABRAS SUSSE FRERES FOUNDRY, Pair Intricate Gilt Bronze 3x candles Wall Sconces Antique Candelabra Appliques, Antique Brass Pair of Griffin Candelabra Candle Holders 3 Candle, Two Ornate Candelabras marked Made in Italy , Antique pair French bronze candle gilt candelabra circa 1860 FREE SHIPPING, RARE ANTIQUE baroque style silverplated WMF candelabras georg jensen christofle, PAIR OF ANTIQUE FRENCH GOLD GILT BRONZE 2 BRANCH CANDELABRAS W CRYSTALS TRI FORM, Pair of Antique French Bronze Candelabra Candlestick Mantle, Dutch? Heavy Judaic 18 C. Five light heavy brass candelabra EXCELLENT CONDITION, PAIR OF FRENCH ANTIQUE SOLID BRONZE CANDELABRAS CANDLE HOLDERS LOUIS XV ROCOCO, Pair of Vintage Italian Miniature Brass Candelabra Candle Holder , 19thC Antique GOTHIC VICTORIAN Era BRONZE Floral GROTESQUE Face BUST CANDELABRA, Antique 19th C. After CLODION French Bronze & Marble Candelabra Girl Cherub, ✿ OLD Cherub Candlestick Candle Holder candelabra small , WONDERFUL PAIR OF FRENCH BRONZE DORE CANDELABRA & RED MARBLE CONVERTED TO LAMPS, Antique Brass Candelabra Set, Antique Islamic Coptic Church Bronze Brass dual candelabra Aramaic Gospels, Tall Antique Pair Gothic Renaissance Revival Wrought Iron Candelabras 61.5 High, Antique SPELTER Bronze Figural SHAKESPEARE 4 Light Metal 19 CANDELABRA Bacchus, Solid Brass Antique Church Altar Candelabra, Vintage Metal Floral Flower Candle Holder Candelabra Centerpiece Yellow Tulip, antique candelabra, Antique 5 Light American Cast Iron Candelabra with Crystals & Marble base, ANTIQUE VINTAGE PEWTER 3 CANDLE, CANDELABRA, antique French bronze candelabras early 19th cent Clodion sgnd 32 inch , PAIR ANTIQUE 19C BRONZE FIGURAL INDIAN STATUE CANDELABRA WITH KITE MARK, C19th Ormolu 2 Branch Candelabra Triform Lion's Paw Feet Rise & Fall Feature, Vintage Metal Folk Art Metal Candelabra Candle Holder Rustic Gold, Pair of Vintage Cast Iron 5 Candle Candelabras, Antique French pair of gilt bronze candelabras as 5780, Pewter Candlesticks Candelabra, Large French Antique Bronze Two Arm Sconces Candelabra, French Antique Bronze Sconces Louis XV Bronze Electricity Candelabra, BLACK WROUGHT IRON 5 ARM CANDELABRA , VINTAGE CRYSTAL CANDELABRA BRASS CANDLESTICK HOLDER WITH MARBLE BASE WITH GLOBE, BLACK WROUGHT IRON 7 ARM CANDELABRA , Art Nouveau Antique Bronze Girandoles Candelabra candle holders mantle lustres, Pair of 19С Antique Wall Sconces Dark Patina & Gilt Bronze 4 candles Candelabra, ATTRACTIVE ANTIQUE BRASS GILT & CERAMIC CANDELABRA 12 X11 INCH FIVE PRONG, Pair Antique Large Gilted Bronze Gothic Girandoles Candelabras Corneluis Baker, Authentic Bronze Elephant decorative Candelabra Candlestick Candle Holder Statue, 19C Charming French Bronze Parrot Pair Jewelry Candelabra, Brass candelabra British antique, Pair Vintage Brass Deer Head Figurine Candle Holder Candelabra 12 1 2 tall ea, Old bronze sphinx candelabra as 5938, Pair Antique Brass Candlestick Holders Candelabra Unpolished Square 10 18th c, Vintage WROUGHT IRON CANDELABRA Metal Candle Holder STAR 11 , Pr French 19thc Bronze Ormolu Figure Candelabra, VINTAGE COPPER 12 CANDELABRA 3 CANDLE HOLDER, 19th CENTURY GOLD GILT FRENCH ROCOCO PAIR FIGURAL CANDELABRAS CANDLESTICKS , Antique verdigris candelabra from Greece , Pair of Antique Adjustable Candelabras, Estate Find Brass French Candelabra with Drippy Draped Crystal Tops, ANTIQUE,BRONZE FRENCH PAIR CANDELABRAS WITH ORIGINAL CUT GLASS CENTER,GORGEOUS

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